About Me

Hi! Welcome!

I’m Leah.  I also answer to: Lea-bee, Mrs. Jurado and now Mommy. I’ve been called Mommy by a lot of kids; accidentally, of course, as five-year-olds forget to call their teachers by their names.  The only difference is now instead of calling a custodian for pee, its my job to clean it.

Despite the pee, I loved my job teaching Kindergarten then and I absolutely adore my job now. It has been one giant learning curve of finding balance on a scale that is ever-changing. (Looking at you sleep patterns & growth spurts!) My goal is to help other moms everywhere stay happy while on the motherhood learning curve together. I’ll share my tips for making every day momming happier and how to focus on and make time for what makes you happy as the person underneath the Mom. Because we aren’t just Moms and cannot rely on the Mom aspect alone to make us happy. The foundations of what make me happy is time with my husband, family, and dogs. Additionally, I really like fashion but thats more of the icing on the cake.

You know that saying “Happy wife; happy life”? We’re changing it to “Happy Mommy; happy life”.  I strongly believe that when you take the time to feel happy yourself, you radiate it out to the lives of other people around you.

So follow me in my pursuit of happiness and sharing the happiness with you.

As always,

Happy Momming