About Me

Hi! Welcome!

I’m Leah.  I also answer to “Mamma” at home and “Mrs.Jurado”  in my classroom.

I’m a mom to two beautiful kids. They’re currently 2 and a newborn. They’ve taken me on one giant motherhood learning curve of finding balance on a scale that is ever-changing. (Looking at you sleep patterns & growth spurts!) My goal is to help and inspire other moms  I’ll share my tips for making every day momming happier and how to focus on and make time for what makes you happy as the person underneath the Mom. Because we aren’t just Moms and cannot rely on the Mom aspect alone to make us happy.

I’m happier when I have my basic needs met and set boundaries. Spending time with my family, teaching, learning, and music are so important to my happiness. I thrive more when I feel like I am making a difference and have creative outlets. I also really love clothes!

I strongly believe that when you prioritize and work on your own happiness, you radiate it out to the lives of other people around you.

I’m so glad you’re here in my pursuit of happiness and sharing happiness with you!

As always,

Happy Momming