How to Go Out to Eat With a Young Baby

After I gave birth NO ONE was about to hold me back from all the food I had been missing out on for nine months. Seriously, the first question I asked the nurses after everything settled and baby and I were fine was “Can I eat now?”. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I am not about to miss out on going out to eat at my favorite places just because I have a baby now – and neither should you. You just have to do it a little differently. Read on for my tips on how to go out to eat with a baby.


Get Baby Ready for Going Out

For me, this means planning a time to go out where I can feed baby and get him to sleep just before leaving. My goal is to have a content baby that will sleep while we are out to eat. A sleeping Baby is SO much easier to go out to eat with but this is more probable when they are very young and still taking many naps.  The other tips should get you through if they aren’t asleep but sleeping is best.

Go at Slow Business Hours

Anyone with a baby will tell you timing is everything. Look up a restaurants busy times and DO NOT attempt to go then. You do not want to go out to eat with a baby only to get to the restaurant and have to wait a long time to be seated and eventually to get your food. Going when the restaurant is “slow” allows you to have no wait, more seating options, and a quieter environment.

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” – Except Smart Moms

The number one reason to put baby in the corner is for safety. This is especially true if you are at a sit down restaurant where hot food will be going down the aisle and restaurant personnel are busy rushing by. High chairs can be bumped and there is no universal law for steaming food to leave a baby untouched. Keep baby as far away from the aisle as possible.

It is also beneficial to choose a table that is in the far corner of the restaurant or in a place furthest away from other guests. This offers the quietest environment for baby and for the other guests.  I’ve worked in the restaurant industry and yes, people complain. These people have likely never had a baby or don’t know the wrath of new moms but they do exist.

A corner table also offers the most privacy. This is ideal for nursing moms and moms who just want to eat without being interrupted.  I love when people notice how adorable my baby is but sometimes I just want to eat.

Think About What You Order

 how to go out to eat with baby

Before you order, think: “Can I Eat this while holding Baby?” If baby is not asleep or wakes up while you are eating, you will probably want to be able to hold and/or feed baby while you continue eating.  Hot food and food that is easily dropped – such as soup or rice – should NOT be eaten with baby in your lap. If you want to eat something that can be dropped but poses no heat threat (such as melting ice cream) I suggest placing a napkin over baby to catch any accidental drops.

I hope these tips on how to go out to eat with your young baby help you get out of the house and back to eating delicious food.  If you still struggle with eating out with your baby, let me know how I can help.

As Always,

Happy Momming!


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  1. Teri

    Honey girl…I’ve read the whole blog now. Great writing. Love it!!!!! I am so proud of you.
    I especially like my new computer screen saver. Two of the worlds most beautiful people for me to look at daily. People magazine has nothing on you two. And you know I’m so glad you are finally getting some sleep. You are the best mom! Lucky Dante.

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