NoseFrida and Nasal Aspirators: Everything You Need to Know

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NoseFrida and Nasal Aspirators: Everything You Need to Know

Lost in the world of endless nasal aspirator options? I was too. I did LOTS of research.  Now I’ve got you covered. Mom to mom, here’s what you need to know.

NoseFrida and Nasal Aspirators

I was several months pregnant when hubby first suggested we put the NoseFrida on our baby registry. At the time I swore he was just suggesting things he knew would irritate me. I had seen it. I had imagined using it.

“NO way. I love baby, but not enough to eat baby’s snot” I half joked.

Fast-forward to our sweet baby being born. A few weeks later he was congested.

I was horrified. My new-mom-anxiety-brain panicked that he was sick and it would get worse and he wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Cue my husband and I standing in our bathroom trying to figure out which nasal aspirator we should use.

Strap yourself in folks, we’re about to talk snot.

What is a nasal aspirator? Do I need one?

A nasal aspirator is a tool that clears the inside of the nose by sucking snot/boogies out. Adults are able to blow their nose. Babies and kids can’t blow their nose until they are about two years old but most learn when they are three or four. As many Kindergarten teachers can attest to, some kids don’t learn until five or six! Any baby or young kid who can’t blow their nose needs a nasal aspirator to get their boogies out and breathe clear.

What are the different types of Nasal Aspirators?

The suction needed to suck out those baby boogies is created four different ways:

  • Bulb syringe
  • Handheld Electric motor
  • Mouth suction
  • Vacuum suction

There are many different models and brands of bulb syringes and electric models, a couple different mouth suction brands, and only one brand for vacuum suction.

Can a Nasal Aspirator Hurt Baby?

Not with proper use. Here is what could happen but isn’t likely:

  • Irritation / swelling/ redness –  Caused  by using a nasal aspirator too often or too far up.
  • Sickness – Caused by using nasal aspirators that aren’t clean.
  • Temporary breathing cut off – Caused by suctioning baby’s nose for too long at once without pausing for baby to breathe.

It is NOT possible to suck out baby’s brain.

Some parents report light bleeding following irritation. Light as in some barely-there thin pink bleeding. If you experience more than that, its likely unrelated to using the nasal aspirator and you should seek medical help.

How Often Should You Use a Nasal Aspirator?

This is a tricky question and depends on a few things.

How old is baby?  The younger they are the more delicate the nose lining is and  the more you should stick to the 2-3 times a day rule.

Can baby eat?  If baby can’t eat because their nose is so stuffy, clear it before each feeding. Babies obviously eat more than 2-3 times a day so this overrules the previous suggestion.

How does baby tolerate the suction? Most babies, HATE it when you try to suck their boogies out. If they see it coming and twist away and shake their head just to end up pokeing their-selves,  less is probably better.

Can baby breathe normal? If your baby is sick, consult your doctor about how often to use a nasal aspirator. Chances are it will be as often as necessary.

Can you make using a Nasal Aspirator easier?

Yes! You can make the boogies thinner/wetter with:

  • Humidifier or Vaporizer – Both add moisture to the air.
  • Bath time –  if you have a baby old enough to splash everywhere they usually get some splashing on their face.
  • Shower – The steam helps loosen boogies right up!
  • Saline spray – For when bath time or a shower isn’t an option, it works great!

Follow the directions with your saline spray. Yes, you have to get saline spray designed for babies because the nozzle is shaped different

How do you Clean a Nasal Aspirator?

You will need to clean ANY version of a nasal aspirator after each use. The  sooner you clean it after use, the less of a chance those baby boogies are going to get crusty and require scrubbing.

Some aspirators will break apart for easy cleaning. Some will have parts you can wash with soap and water and parts you cannot. (The other parts are usually tubing or the electric motor.) Look in the instructions/online to see if your particular nasal aspirator can go in the dishwasher and/or microwave for steam sanitizing. 

The NoseFrida pieces are dishwasher safe except the filter(that you throw away) and the tubing.

Tubing on the NoseFrida can be cleaned with a couple drops of rubbing alcohol.

What do You Need to Know About Choosing a Nasal Aspirator?

If you’re still lost in choosing the nasal aspirator that is right for you, think about your important criteria.

  • Is it easy to clean and sanitize?
  • Can you see the snot coming out? (so you can monitor amount and consistency)
  • Does it have variable suction strength?
  • Can if fit different size nostrils?
  • How expensive is it?
  • Any drawbacks?

NoseFrida Nasal aspirator

So Which nasal aspirator is the best?

Baby boogies come in different forms and different scenarios. Different nasal aspirators seem to work better on some types of boogies than others. Saline drops are gloriously helpful. But in my experience one nasal aspirator works for all kinds of boogies : The NoseFrida.

The best things you will love about the NoseFrida?

  • You can control the suction!!
  • Its clear parts let you see what and how much comes out of baby’s nose.
  • SUPER easy to take apart and clean.
  • One size fits all nostril tip. The conical design fits any age from new-born to adults.
  • The price!

That first night that baby had boogies I tried the bulb syringe and an electric handheld model. Neither worked. I got brave and pulled out the NoseFrida because you realize once your baby is in need you will do anything for them.

And guess what – the design doesn’t allow snot to get to your mouth. I laugh now at the idea but it was a real fear.

The NoseFrida is my go to nasal aspirator no matter what kind of boogies baby has.

Let me know what you think – do you like the NoseFrida too?


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