One Month in with Baby #2

You know that cliche saying “My hands are full but you should see my heart”? Its so freaking accurate.

We’ve got a house full. Full of a one-month old, a two and half year-old, two large dogs, and two tired parents, and alllllll the toys and dishes you could dream of. Most days I look like this: messy house

Its overwhelming and its amazing.

I am so so in love with my sweet baby.  She is one of those “good” babies. The kind that I mean-mugged in jealousy when I had my first who was not a “good” baby.  If I had experienced this the first time I probably wouldn’t have been so extremely terrified of going through the first few months postpartum again. I know it could change, but right now she is “easy” compared to my first. I’m convinced that co-sleeping is part of what is making sleep so much better this time around too. (See my co-sleeping post here)

How am I? Delivery was fantastic and besides continued light spotting I have hardly had anything to recover from. Physically I’ve had no pain and it has been so easy to move around and feel normal. SUCH a wonderful feeling after feeling so awful all the time with pregnancy! I don’t recognize my body in the mirror yet – I’m giving myself time and grace with that.  I haven’t had any signs of postpartum anxiety yet but I’m staying vigilant in my mindfulness practices. I’m hopeful that I don’t have to experience that again and if I do I have more knowledge, tools, and support this time.

Dante – my 2.5 year old – is doing SO well with baby.   99% Of the day he is a super sweet older brother filled with kisses and hugs for his baby sister.  He says “Its okay baby Aria!” when she cries and he pats her belly and toes. It makes my heart swell up with such mama pride its almost ridiculous. That is until he bops her head with his fake red pepper while I’m nursing her.

both kids

Building super mom muscles for snuggling both kids at once

He does act like a baby sometimes by crawling around and pretend crying. I play along and let him know he is still my baby too. So far we’ve had no potty regression except one time : when he pooped his pants while watching “Onward”. I’ll take it!

The house?  Well… Its just going to be a while before there aren’t piles of dinosaurs and play-doh stuffed in weird places.  I get a load of laundry done each day and Earl gets dishes cleaned when he has time. I’m calling that a major win. Not too much of a problem since COVID-19 has no visitors coming our way.

Good thing online visitors don’t need to use the guest bathroom!  Thanks for checking in and healthy wishes to you and your family!

Happy Momming!


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